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Annihilators charge with the impact of a falling star, crashing into their opponents with enough force to obliterate them outright. Armed with Meteoric Grandhammers, Annihilators remorselessly pummel any opponent into the dirt with arcing blows reminiscent of Sigmar's twin-tailed comet, able to shatter even the toughest of armour and the scaliest of hides.

These formidable soldiers are the elite of the Stormcast Eternals, those who have proven themselves in battle time and time again, and bear the scars to prove it. Their thunderstrike armour is bulkier than usual, barely able to contain these massive warriors who epitomise Sigmar's wrath.

This multipart plastic kit comprises 56 components, with which you can build three Annihilators with Meteoric Grandhammers. Each miniature can also be given helmeted or unhelmeted heads. They can alternatively be assembled as standard Annihilators with meteoric hammers and shields.

With this kit, there is also the option to build an Annihilator-Prime. This kit comes supplied with three 50m Citadel Round bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.