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Extra Cabinet is designed to complement the transport and storage of miniatures. It can be used both as an additional cabinet for the GSW Army Transport Bag and as a free-standing stackable storage system. Manufactured of MDF wood is capable of accommodating more than 54 miniatures distributed among its rack levels.

It includes 1 removable metalized tray and its height is adjustable up to 4 levels to place the trays with your miniatures.

Storage modules with removable and configurable trays. These modules are designed to be stacked on top of one another, allowing for a customizable and space-efficient storage solution. Their property of being stackable between them will allow them to stack, for example, 1 medium module + 1 small module which equals 1 large module.

If you want to gain a few extra centimeters of inner space, you could remove the first lower MDF tray, and glue the metallized rubber directly to the base of the case. To make this modification, simply cut with scissors the rubber so that it can fit. By doing so, the lower level will no longer be removable.

Size: 30x15x18cm. Total weights 1 kg. Assembly instructions inside.


- 1x Complete cabinet

- 1x Trays + 1x adhesive metallized rubber sheets