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This set of resin products created by Green Stuff World has been specially designed for miniatures games such as Warhammer: The Old World. 3D resin printing offers a fascinating addition to your arsenal of wargaming and hobby tools. With this technology, you can create custom scenery, miniatures and accessories with exceptional detail, enhancing your gaming experience.

Bring a realistic touch to your bases, dioramas and figures using these high quality, ABS-like bits. Carefully designed to replicate real species, these are available in various shapes and sizes to suit all needs and scales.

Selecting the right model glue and modelling tools is essential to assemble your Warhammer bits effectively and achieve optimum results. Understanding the project requirements, exploring the available options and assessing their performance and suitability are key factors. In addition, taking into account available experience and resources, keeping abreast of the latest developments, seeking expert advice and considering long-term maintenance are crucial to making informed decisions.

These products are supplied unpainted and are ideal for 28-35-54mm miniatures (1:48 - 1:35 scale).

Each set includes 12 x Swarm of Scarabs.