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Warpaints Fanatic Acrylics features a high coverage acrylic resin base that distributes high density, high quality pigments evenly across the surface of your miniature. Using a water-based solvent means Fanatic paints can be diluted to extreme levels of transparency without breaking.

The high quality resin base dries to a durable and beautiful matte finish. Choosing colors can be difficult for many hobbyists. That's why Warpaints Fanatic was developed in an easy-to-use flexible color triad system within the acrylic palette.

There are 27 Triad systems and in each Flexible Triad segment you will find six colors that range from dark to light and create a uniform tone.

Warpaints Fanatic offers unparalleled coverage, intense pigmentation, and smooth application while being incredibly easy to use. Each paint is individually tuned to maximize coverage and ensure a consistent brush feel. The pigment-rich paint can be thinned to extreme levels for advanced techniques or applied directly over a miniature for effortless coverage while retaining pigment dispersion.

• Perfect for painters of all skill levels
• Insanely pigment-rich formula, features 300-700% more pigmentation than other paints
• High-performance range of premium acrylic paints
• Unparalleled uniformity and coverage across all colours
• Comprehensive palette of 216 colors
• Excellent brush feel, smooth application
• Flexible color triads
• Mixing balls pre-installed in each bottle.