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In this second expansion for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, use your collection of Soulblight Gravelords models to represent the undead hordes looking to reclaim Ulfenkarn for its exiled former dictator. You’ll find new missions, game mechanics, and even more challenging enemies. Plus, you might even bump into some old ‘friends’ along the way...

Inside the box you’ll find:

- 56-page softback Nemesis rulebook, packed with the continuing story of Ulfenkarn, rules for using new enemies, and much more.

- 19x game cards including encounters, Paragon Class traits, Hostile References, and a Nemesis quest card

- 25x double-sided tokens, including Sinkholes, Ritualist, and Exalt tokens, double-sided Armour and Information tokens, a Blessing of Vannah token, an Amulet Left Half token, and a Severed Head token

This box does not include any Citadel miniatures. In addition to the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City boxed game and the Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – Nightwars expansion, you’ll need the following separately-available models to take full advantage of this expansion: Wight King, Necromancer, Grave Guard, Vargheists, and Dire Wolves.